Why I Am Wrong About Everything

By Wrongzo • Site Matters and Meta-Discussion • 4 Jan 2013

2013-01-04 12.36.55Yay! It’s a blog.  This is actually my… uh… fifth blog, I think – sixth if you count LiveJournal.

Please do not try to find me on LiveJournal. Let’s leave the past in the past.

It is likely to not last!  I’m just managing expectations.

Mostly, this will probably be vaguely culturally- and politically-relevant philosophy. Were I to try to tackle hard philosophy, like logic or metaphysics or the logical basis of metaphysics, chances are extremely excellent that I would end up being even wronger than I typically am.

At some point, I may try to convince you that Alisdair MacIntyre’s Dependent Rational Animals and Sara Ruddick’s Maternal Thinking are the two greatest books of contemporary political philosophy, but it’s cool, I’ll be sure to flag that post in some obvious way so that you can skip it.

Oh, right! So, anyway, I’m trained as a philosopher (don’t blame my trainers) and I teach for the moment in a school of public policy. Professionally (to the extent that that adverb applies), I write about war, peacekeeping, and a little about Africa.


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